About Our Association


The Hamilton-Wentworth Stroke Recovery Association was formed by concerned stroke survivors and their spouses in 1978. Under the guidance of many professionals from Chedoke-McMaster Hospital, stroke survivors were contacted to form our first Board of Directors. Many of these stroke survivors serve on our Board of Directors or are chairpersons on our committees today. This year will mark forty (40) years of support to stroke survivors and their families in the Hamilton-Wentworth Region.

The Hamilton-Wentworth Stroke Recovery Association has been a long and proud one. The support from many concerned individuals, businesses and community agencies all working together for the benefit of our disabled community has been an inspiration to all of us. The Hamilton-Wentworth Stroke Recovery Association will, with your continued support, surpass our expectations of service to our community in the next decade.The aims of the Stroke Recovery Association are:

  • To help stroke survivors return to a full productive life, by means of encouragement, example and friendly contact.
  • To encourage rehabilitation by providing emotional support to both stroke survivor and family.
  • To provide information about stroke, its prevention, treatment and warning signs to all persons within the Hamilton Wentworth region.

Our stroke survivors are all determined to make as much recovery as is humanly possible. Many Professional people are involved to help achieve this goal. We are all working together to combine our efforts and talents to help those who have suffered a stroke, and their families.

The Torch, our symbol represents light and warmth to those when life seems darkest, then it is passed on to others by The Stroke Recovery Association to light their way.

If you have had a stroke we are looking for you.


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